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RAW beanie knit hat

RAW beanie knit hat

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RAW Knit Hat
This RAW Knit hat was designed not just to look good, but to make cold days and nights a little more bearable. This stylish hat has the RAW logo placed across the front making it noticeable for any RAW enthusiast. RAW spared no expense when making this hat extra soft and comfy for their valued RAW family. RAWK this super cool RAW Knit hat for winter or any season of the year!

The RAW Knit Hat is 100% Acrylic, it is perfect for regions that are cold but not too cold. Acrylic will keep you warm yet not suffocate you the way wool clothing does. These materials are vegan friendly made from absolutely no animal source.

Included on this knit hat is the snug pull-on closure feature, this means that your hat will be secured on your head while on the go. RAW chose acrylic as the material because it is stain-resistant and does not easily wrinkle resulting in you always looking fresh

The Knit hat is currently available in 2 colors at Black Brown and Black Gray 

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